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DiorSnow and HydraLife Review

I don’t wear much makeup at all (maybe some moisturizer, undereye cream, lip gloss), because I feel like it tends to make me break out. Also, I feel a little weird about putting chemicals on my skin. But I’m in my mid-30s now and let’s just say my complexion isn’t quite as dewy as it used to be. So this is by no means an expert review, but sort of an exploratory effort.

When I went to buy the Dior Safari Beige polish that I used in this post, the saleswoman (who was super nice) gave me the samples pictured below: HydraLife and DiorSnow. As far as I can tell, HydraLife is some kind of moisturizing primer and DiorSnow is a BB cream. When I was growing up, I think this stuff was called “foundation” but that term seems to have fallen out of favor. Or maybe BB cream is different than foundation somehow? If you can answer this riddle for me, please let me know in the comments.

Anyway, the HydraLife went on really smoothly. My skin felt refreshed and moisturized, but not oily at all.

Then I applied the DiorSnow. I’m not sure why it’s called Snow – is it because I’m so pale? If so, not quite snowy enough because it was a bit too yellow. Or maybe that was intentional redness correction. It did cover any redness and blotchiness, and evened out oily/dry areas so everything was smooth and powdery looking. But. It made my skin itch. So, that’s pretty much a deal breaker for me.

Dior Samples

Do you have any recommendations for maybe a lighter-weight BB cream? Extra points if it’s vegan/natural? Let me know in the comments!