Referral Codes

Here are a couple of referral codes, in case you are interested in these monthly boxes! If you use them, I get small rewards that help support this blog.

Depending on the style profile you pick, you can get three polishes a month, two polishes and a makeup product, or two makeup products. Whichever one you pick is $20/month with free shipping. From what I see others saying online, their polishes are generally better than their makeup. I’ve been happy with their polishes so far, especially since they’re 5-free! Get your first Julep box for free.

Did doing your nails make you hungry? Get $10 off your first NatureBox. Normally it’s $20/month with free shipping, and you get five bags of snacks. I’ve only been doing this for a month, but am happy with (a.k.a. can’t stop eating) my first month’s products.

I’m in the U.S. Some of the details might vary if you live in another country.


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